February Special

February Free 16x20 Wrap

I was recently inspired by a well-written blog post by one of my all-time favorite photographers, Heidi Hope. It wasn’t a “new topic” to my thoughts. I often think about how I choose to give digital files with my sessions & I feel like those discs sit at my client’s home, not printed & not shown. But now that I’ve been in the industry for 2.5 years and have sent at least 100 cd’s of images to clients, I wonder- are they REALLY seeing the value in their “final product”??? A disc can not be all we show for these new, beautiful memories!

I recently designed a wall collage of gallery wraps for a very sweet client of mine and I must say, I’m awe-stricken with how beautiful it turned out. Those images are now a work of art in her home, where they’re able to admire them on a daily basis. THAT’S what I want for my clients.

Heidi said it best here….

“With the rapid change in technology, the only way to preserve your photographs so that they can be enjoyed for generations is by producing something tangible out of them.  What’s even greater, I can guarantee that you will be even happier with your investment in professional photography if you do so!   No one ever calls to say how much they love their DVD.  They call to say how much their friends raved about their greeting cards this year, or how their wall art makes them smile every time they walk by, or how their toddler daughter looks at her newborn album every day!”

With that said, February’s special is a FREE 16×20 Gallery Wrap with any booked session in the month of February! Something you can hang on your wall. And I will encourage you to purchase other products.. why? Because I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t 🙂

**To read all of Heidi Hope’s blog post on this topic, please visit Heidi Hope Photography**


“Love… as we know it”

Day to day, we look at our children and think… where has the time gone? Or the “they are so cute at this age” while playing with their matchbox cars or brush their dolly’s hair. How often do we get to capture that in camera? In a way that brings you back to that moment, that glimpse in time?

“Love… as we know it” is lifestyle photography offered by KBP. It is for the opportunity for me to come to your home, hang out with you and let life happen. Pick a favorite activity or two. Think about what matters to you. It can be play time in the kid’s room, baking cookies, bath time, a new baby… any thing that provokes a thought of “I wish I could remember this age forever”. Lifestyle photography is capturing real life moments and genuine expressions. Candid, no posing, just them in their own World. It’s an interaction, an expression or emotion… the way we live, laugh and love.

I will be working with only the available light in your home. We will schedule around the time of day that works best for lighting in the rooms of your home that you will want me to photograph.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. I know what ‘Life & Love’ looks like and I can’t wait to capture that in a way that allows you to look at those images and be filled with memories and maybe even a few tears of happiness.

Stay tuned for pricing & details. I am currently portfolio-building in my Lifestyle Photography and all prices will reflect this discount. Follow my blog to be the first to know when I start offering these sessions! Sessions will be limited.

For a great example of a session that was very lifestyle in nature, I’ve added a couple photos from a session that quickly became one of my favorite sessions ever, as I was so inspired by their home & love for one another. I ditched the set up shots til the end 😉  You can see more here, too: Baby Robbie